Monday, November 16, 2015


Changes (from Merriam Webster): To become different.

How am I ever going to keep this post on topic?

We hear change is good. How often do we hear this? Most of us hate change. It effects our comfort levels, securities, routines, expectations. It challenges our understanding of the world, how we live in it.

Change is difficult.  ALWAYS  happening around us.  France has just been changed! Heart broken. 9/11 changed America.  Both tragedies changed the WORLD forever, as have many historical events over the centuries.

Continual changes we accept. 60 seconds in a minute. 60 minutes in an hour. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week. 4 weeks in a month. 12 months in a year. 10 years in a decade.  100 years in a century.  Unchanging formula of keeping time. Time does not stand still. Always propelling forward.

We change presidents every 4 years. Going to hear plenty about this in the next year! Also will be interesting to hear how they CHANGE their platforms and lies in seconds.

The century thing is a big deal in my antique business. Difference in price, condition, availability.  I've changed the subject. Said this was going to be a tough one.

Change is also a huge part of my interior design business. Another change in directions.  Trends (hate those, love ranting about them). Colors (throw all caution to the wind).  People's lifestyles (always striving for better awareness). Codes (hard as hell to keep up). Art (always on the prowl). Product demands (ties into all previous mentioned). Innovative ideals (always dreaming).

Pop culture is probably the fastest changing thing in our lives. Fashion, food, entertainment, celebrities, music, are the most fun changes. Until the decades start changing faster than you like. Then it's harder to roll and grasp.

A bitch of a change: the back and forth of daylight savings time. Twice a year we are thrown out of socket for about a week. Those of us with dogs get a harder bite.

Easiest changes: Clean underwear. Clean socks. New car! New book!

Hardest changes: Job, hairdo, home, divorce (most of the time).

Mostest hardest changes of all for folks my age: Technology. Just as soon as we get something down, they change that shit on us, or come out with a new model. So we have to hire newborns to keep us up to date.

My favorite change: Fresh, ironed, crisp, luxurious sheets. Wish for a change of income so I could afford to have a maid change the bed daily.

Changes we never get over: Losing someone we love.

I've experienced a lot of changes over the last 6 decades. Many of joy. Some of sadness. Plenty of embarrassments and disappointments. Love interests have come and gone. I've had several professional revivals and set backs. My weight has gone up and down, up and down. Size of my feet have not changed, but shoe styles do. Have to keep up. Shoe obsessed! Not telling how many pairs I own. Hopefully drugs and alcohol are a permanent part of my past. Gladly, time has kept me changing.

Clementine Hunter, "Baptizing with Lady in Orange Dress" c.Late 1950s -- Early 1960s. Oil on rigid pasteboard. 
Big change.

Yesterday I made a commitment to God and Jesus Christ. The last 2 years have been a spiritual journey. I finally understand. Beautiful and hard change it will be. I fall short all the time. Will need help. God's love and grace will make it easier. The changes I hope to see: Less hating. Less greed. Less bigotry. Less judgment of others. Less anger. Less jealousy. I would hope to delete those, but I'm human. Will strive very hard. Other changes: More love. More charity. More forgiveness. More prayer. More kindness. More faith. Many additional less and more could be added. Oh yeah: Apologies. These are my hopes and goals. All changes for a better me and easier life for those around me. A better world for all. Will be a struggle. But those two dudes forgive.

I hope the acquisition of shoes is not a sin. If so I'm in for some spiritual calluses.

My blog will not change much. There will be no preaching or forcing my beliefs on others. No evangelism. I plan on keeping my sharp tongue, wicked wit and sarcatechism. There will always be something to rant about.  Less unnecessary inappropriateness and cussing. The latter will be hard with this sailor's mouth I've perfected. As said, those 2 dudes forgive.

David Bowie, "Changes"

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