Glossary of Davidisms

Sarcatechism  - The practice of sarcasm as a religion.

Narcississy - Gay male narcissist.

Passing Gas - Passing judgement.

Frenemy - Person you have to treat as a friend but know they are an enemy.

PBF - Paid best friend, my therapist.

Jux ta position - 3 syllable separated  pronunciation of juxtaposition, cause I can't pronounce it                                        correctly.

Fagmantations - Grandiose illusions of a gay man.

Fagazine - Periodicals on interior design, fashion, cooking etc.

The Right Amount Of Shitty - Patina: a surface appearance of something grown beautiful with                                                       age or use.

Shade-dar -  The uncanny ability to find the most hideous, tacky, outrageous lampshades.

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