Monday, February 23, 2015


Bust: (verb) to break or smash especially with force

Roman antiquity.

Bust: (noun) a sculptured representation of the upper part of the human figure including the head and neck and usually part of the shoulders and breast 

The Greeks and the Romans loved to represent their gods in statues, often in the bust form.  When Roman emperors began to claim divinity, they too became the subject of this art of representation.  This form of art was usually rendered in carved stone or cast bronze.

I love busts! Particularly in marble, but also in bronze.  My own home has many. Generally one or two sneak their way into my client's homes.  A bust makes a room look smarter.  I like to think of them as the eyeglasses of a room.  When selecting a bust for a client, I try to find one that represents an area of their interest; literary, musical, mythical, historical, etc. Pictured above: to the left, three from my private collection.  To the right, example of the "eyeglasses of a room"; my work.

Bust: (noun) the breasts of a woman 

Throughout history the art form of busts have mostly depicted men.  Isn't it interesting that breasts make hetero men nuts?  Just sayin'.  So girls, store-bought or real, you gotta have 'em! 

Marie gave good décolletage.

Décolletage: (noun) the top of a woman's dress, blouse, etc., that is cut very low so the top of the woman's breasts can be seen

It can also be said "Marie gave good head." Can't believe I just wrote that, couldn't help it. Men, hetero or homo, love décolletage.  I just love to say the word.

Bob Seger, "Night Moves":
"Way up firm and high"

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Can't believe you said that about Marie! So BAD!!!