Monday, July 27, 2015


Visuals can cause insomnia.  Me sometimes after a day of shopping.  

I shop a lot.  Shopping, sourcing, is a huge part of my job.  Top of the list as to fun.  For larger jobs, much of the stuff is custom-made, ordered.  Occasionally I have a rush job, items need to be purchased yesterday.  St. Louis is a small city, so my options are limited.  Occasionally I find myself stepping into a wasteland of aesthetic garbage.  The memories haunt my dreams.

On one of my excursions, I discovered this.  No, actually, was assaulted by it.  A candle chandelier made from hay? What the FUCK?  Fire hazard!  But when I visualize the home this would hang in, it probably should go up in flames.

Lord, have mercy on us all.  Left: Fee-fi-faux-fern.  But the bow is real (a real nightmare).  Oh my God.  I have bow issues, something we'll address in a later post, closer to bow season (Christmas).  Right: Lovely itchy scratchy burlap hanging on the windows. Nothing like roughage for the visual diet.  At least the ribbons match.  Well done (practicing sarcatechism). 

Left: Lovely color coordination.  MORE faux, this time moss.  Right: Housewives of who-the-hell-knows headboard.

Peace & Love? More like pieces of shit.  The peace sign is an icon, I hate seeing it used this way.

This was the only useful item in the whole damn place (name and address withheld to protect the guilty).  Was it needed for the faux-fern?

Listed below are some places in St. Louis that I visit for a visual rush and great merchandise.  I always leave inspired by certain items that lead me on a path of creativity and discovery, allowing me to go home for sweet dreams, insomnia cured.

New kids on the block: Kathy Mack and Mark Howald Antiques.  9796 Clayton Road, St. Louis MO 63124.  A well-rounded selection covering many genres.

R Ege Antiques, 1304 Sydney Street St. Louis MO 63104.  One of the best places in St. Louis to find your not-so-ordinary (off-the-wall) furnishings and accessories.  Normal stuff, too.

Robert Morrissey Antiques.  132 North Meramec Avenue, St. Louis MO 63105.  A place to find higher-end goods.  This stuff is high-falutin'.  

Patsy Cline, "Sweet Dreams"

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