Monday, March 2, 2015


I LOVE books. I LOVE to read. Unfortunately My brain will not always allow me to. One of the crosses I must bear. I suffer (an inside family joke, I'll explain someday, a story). My favorites are biographies and autobiographies. The more decadent the person's life, the more I dig it. Heiresses and divas at the top of the list. Love how they spread their $$$$ and use their men or as in most cases how they were used. I hate that many had unhappy lives.

I love bookcases and decorating with books. I HATE it when clients have large bookcases and NO BOOKS. I have on several occasions bought books by the foot to fill them up. A pity!

Above two photos I found of my home library (probably 10 years ago). Anyone who has looked at my Facebook page knows I'm in process of a house war. Can't wait for my den to be finished and have the time to play with my books and all sorts of collected loot in my new bookcases. Will be showing them off.

This is a den in a house I'm working on. Client has a nice collection of leather books and grand tour items.  

I do all sorts of things with books. This French sofa is supported by books because the center leg is broken.  Great example of " The Right Amount Of Shitty".

The two photographs above are displays in my shop. Can you believe I have worked busts and books together. There are no photos of busts in the books.  So G rated. I usually have an interesting selection of antique books and busts.

Large books can do some pretty cool work.  These are huge.  Stack and let them work over time as a table or use as a  platform for decorative items that you want to spotlight  or need height. The books above are on the sideboard at Bar Les Freres.


Why the HELL would you do this?

What the HELL do you read that you are so ashamed of ?

They sell these fucking covers!


Books you what to hide? Put them under the mattress! This is silly, sweet shit! I just see no reason for it EVER! Well maybe if you're dating and need a copy of "Sex for Dummies" on your nightstand.

David Bowie
"Nineteen Eighty Four"


Anonymous said...

exactly! you made me laugh and i so agree with two things especially:

clients who own fabulous bookshelves and no books.... oy. then they ask me what we should put on those shelves. hmmmm, how about some books??!

silly book covers.... why??!


liz franklin

Notes From Flanders said...

Yah...How about hanging mirrors or paintings in front of the books so you can't even see the titles! Or turn the books backward, or put on covers with no titles whatsoever!