Monday, May 4, 2015

Conversation Piece

Conversation (noun): Informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons. Association or social intercourse; intimate acquaintance.

The painting above, The Artist in Conversation with Johann Jakob Bodmer (1780), is by Henry Fuseli, a Swiss painter of the Romantic movement who favored supernatural scenes, the sublime, and dream-like exaggeration.  "Seated in an informal pose that derives from classical sculpture, the young artist listens attentively to the words of Bodmer, an elderly Swiss man of letters and aesthete whose writings exalted the creative force of emotions and the imagination."

I'm a real Chatty Kathy.  A quiet room is too noisy for me.  I love to talk and laugh. Once you get to know me, ten minutes will give you an earache.  It's especially bad if you're trapped in the car with me.  I keep a bottle of ear drops and cotton balls in the glove box.  I could cause you to pull a Van Gogh (probably a double earectomy).

Stimulating conversation is a learning experience.  The exchange of ideas broadens the mind, opens new worlds, makes new friends. 

There's nothing in this world better than chatting with your BFF.

 There's never a lack of conversation with your bestie.  The simplest phrase can say so much.

I've been in the retail of antiques and decorative arts for over 30 years. My selection of loot has never been conventional. I've been told a few times "I'm buying this for a conversation piece". Really! What the fuck? Purchasing a piece to create conversation? GET NEW FRIENDS!!!!

I certainly understand intriguing objects sparking a conversation.

"Wow those are cool! What are they? Where did you find them?"

"They're French garment display forms. Probably from a department store, high Art Deco, circa 1920's. GREAT androgynous styling."

Buy them for a conversation piece? THAT I don't fucking understand! Buy them because you love them. Buy them to have conversations with. Totally down with that.  

"You sure do have lots of Santa Clause and Jesus statues in your collection. Need to talk, buddy?"

"That would be a private conversation between myself and PBF! But since the floor is open I'll confess. I have conversations with Santa Clause and Jesus all the time."

BE BRAVE! Somebody buy these mold-blown plastic light-up Santa Clauses. Get the neighbors into a conversation. Get the whole hood's mouths a-flappin! They'll be calling you a Redneck. I have enough to cause a city wide panic!

Conversations should be sparked for the reason of getting to know someone better, learning their interests and passions. Bonding.

I just don't understand the term conversation piece. I'm guessing you're waiting for me to cross the line. Be inappropriate. So here goes! The only piece I can understand as a conversation piece, is a good piece of ass. Or a bad one for that matter. People need to be warned!

Bettin that's what the conversation is about in the painting up there at the top.

Elvis Presley
"A Little Less Conversation"

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