Monday, April 20, 2015

Cool SHIT!

I love finding merchandise for my shop. Always on the go, in search of items that intrigue, spark the imagination. It ain't easy, folks.  Lots of miles put on the truck in pursuit of loot.  Curating a collection is a complex art, you have to consider style, pricing, value, and then you have to ask yourself, "is it worth fucking with?" Moving, cleaning, restoration, how heavy is the mother?  On top of it all, I have to satisfy my own tastes and appease my own moods.

When I first considered these for purchase, to when I got them in the truck, they seemed to grow.  By the time I got them in the store to hang, they GREW again!  Perfect example of "is it worth fucking with?" These are huge! They are hung. Worth fucking with!

1923 Marconi is full of STUFF.  Packed. You just never know what will be there. A lot of my personality goes into my selections. My mood changes from day to day. OK, from minute to minute. So the selection is pretty wild. 

Above is a photo taken on one of those days when I was trying to make sense of it all. Imposing law and order. Retail displays can be mind blowing.  Making it read "take me home." Merchandising the shop is different from styling a home.

Mixing different styles, shapes, pedigrees, eras in the shop keeps it real. Draws a more diverse collection of customers.  Jux ta position of objects creates great interest, keeps the eye moving and the mind thinking.  Customers meander, move about, keeps them excited. Discovery!

Designing a home for a collector is an exciting endeavor.  The enthusiasm between myself and the client can be explosive. Placing the perfect object in the perfect place!  Creating law and order. Many different kinds of collections can be curated, each has its own set of considerations.  As we become friends, this will give us lots to talk about.

It's great joy when working with a client who has a roving eye. Creating compositions for living is a blast, working with all kinds of objects, making them interact with each other for visual and practical needs. Color, shape, size, girth. There has to be an interrelationship between objects. Putting a room together is like a giant puzzle. The box has a grid that is unseen, aligning objects correctly is choreography. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DANCE.


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